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DGCA Module 11A ( QPREF 1121) Online Test 01

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  1. pls check this answer..... i feel the correct one is USE OF APEX SOFTWARE . Replies appreciated.

  2. Strobe light can be operated by 28V DC, 28V AC is wrong please check.

  3. Covering od lading light should be opaque & heat resistant, make it correct it is mostly asked question in DGCA.

  4. Strobe Lighting. This type of lighting system is based on the principle of a
    capacitor-discharge flash tube. The light unit takes the form of a quartz or glass tube
    filled with xenon gas which is connected to a power supply unit made up essentially
    of a capacitor, and. which converts an input power of either 28 V d.c. or 115 V a.c. into
    a high d.c. output, usually around 450 V.

    REF " CAIP PART 2 PAGE 991