Syllabus for wriiten test conducted by Air India on 29 jan 2017


Syllabus for AME / AF and Navy candidates :

A common separate question paper would be given to the candidates from AME Institute/ Ex – Airforce / Ex- Navy.

This Question Paper has two parts viz. General Engineering and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

A few sample of questions are given below –

Part A (General Engineering) :

1-      Which of the following is a self locking nut?
A-     Eye Bolt
B-      Jo Bolt
C-      Castle Nut
D-     Fibre Lock Nut

2-      Aircraft Bolt are fabricated from ?
A-     Cd or Zn plated CRS
B-      Unplated CRS
C-      Anodized AL Alloy
D-     ATA

Part B ( Aircraft Maintenance Engineering):

1-      Internal bleed air sys in GTE is used for?
A-     Cooling of engine components
B-      Bearing and oil sump pressurization
C-      Bearing sealing in axial load
D-     All the above

2-      According to CAR 145, Application form for initial, variation or renewal for AMO is ?
A-     CA FORM 4
B-      CA FORM 2
C-      CA FORM 3
D-     CA FORM 6


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