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DGCA paper 3 (AHC) Rotary Wing Question Papers

                     DGCA AME Paper III  Rotary Wing(AHC/RA) Latest Question Papers  :-

Que.1 If a single engine helicopters in forward flight,the angle of attack of advancing blade is.?

1) More than tha retreating blade
2) Equal to the retreating blade
Ans. 3) less than the retreating blade**

When the angle of attack of a symmetrical airfoil is increased, the center of pressure will 
A. move aft along the airfoil surface. 
B. remain unaffected. 
X C. have very limited movement

Coning is caused by the combined forces of 
X A. lift and centrifugal force. 
B. flapping and centrifugal force. 
C. drag, weight, and translational lift.

The forward speed of a rotorcraft is restricted primarily by 
A. transverse flow effect. 
B. high-frequency vibrations. 
X C. dissymmetry of lift

How does high density altitude affect rotorcraft performance?
A. Engine and rotor efficiency is increased. 
X B. Engine and rotor efficiency is reduced. 
C. It increases rotor drag, which requires more power for normal flight.

Que.2 In Power Shut Off condition it tail rotor touches down water?



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